Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Biff has a new home.

I know, Mannequins are creepy as all get out. But when you need to be consistent when photographing product, they come in handy, that's for sure. So, meet Biff. Our very quiet, not much help around the office, low maintenance, easy going mannequin. We usually park him in front of a door or window. He'll freak you out if your not expecting him so be aware!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Progress on "The Booth"

Is, well, progressing. All body work has been completed so panels are straight and dents removed. Looking nice! The "Bus" is going to be a huge hit for us.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aloha Joe

Well, we are now an official sponsor of the AlohaJoe radio program. Please take a moment to visit Joe and listen in to his broadcast. Great Old School Hawaiian and even new stuff! Worth a listen for sure: ALOHAJOE

Mr. Jack Black

Heck yes he's a Hawaiiabera fan. Here is Jack Black himself sporting a Hawaiiabera on the red carpet for the premiere of "Orange County". If he thinks they are that cool, then they are. No doubt about it. Thanks Jables!

New Trade Show Booth

Being an advertising and marketing guy forever, I cooked up a crazy idea for a trade show booth. Here is what we are starting with. A 1974 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper Bus. STAY TUNED!

More patterns available now

How about some of these patterns for a killer shirt. Look sharp and colorful on your next cruise, visit to a resort or day at the beach. The Hawaiiabera is so versatile that we recommend you try wearing one with nice slacks to your next casual cocktail party. If you don't like to talk to strangers or aren't quite used to being the center of attention, then don't follow our advice. Aloha!

University of Texas

Well, we are expanding into the realm of licensed sports wear. I figured I have three things going for me in the area. 1. The Hawaiiabera is a one of a kind product and definitely popular. 2. Everyone needs a good game day shirt. 3. Fans are rabid for anything to do with their Alma Mater. Here is a peek at our first licensed product for the University of Texas at Austin. Our application has been approved and the shirts are being made! HOOK 'EM!

Next stop, SurfExpo

Well, after MAGIC we were headed to SurfExpo in January of 2008 for our first ever show in Orlando. Now this show is geared more for my line of clothing, catering to the Resort Wear and the Boutique buyers. Same crummy little booth but we wrote more orders and were encouraged in our efforts. The model is my very lovely and super talented wife.

All work, and no play.

Yeah. Right. Go to Vegas and not play? At least someone went home with a stack of cash after the MAGIC show. Too bad it wasn't me!

Sneak Peek for 2009 Line!

The new fabrics are on their way and they are going to look stunning. My retailers have all asked for more color so, presto, more color it is! Here is a more "tame" pattern but VERY popular.

Our first show - MAGIC

Our very first show in Las Vegas, Nevada. MAGIC. You have NO IDEA how large this show is. Several square miles and row after row of every item of clothing and manufacturer known to mankind. No joke. Over 130,000 buyers attend this show every single year. It was an amazing experience. We wrote three orders during our first show. Disappointing but predictable. Retailers wants to see you back there a couple of times before they order with you. Part of this VERY EXPENSIVE learning curve. Here is a pic of our crappy little corner of this world. Each square foot of this booth cost $117 each day. That's my little bro' in the pic.