Monday, October 20, 2008

UT Hawaiiabera Spotting

This photo was sent in from an intrepid and, apparently, adventurous fan. His email reads as follows: "Grande Kahuna-tuna, attached is a visual sighting in the outback of Tamalipas, MxGrande Kahuna was represented in style as they unnamed party-goer in this pic is happily sportin' his University of Texas Hawaiiabera! Aloha Mi Amigos!
during operation “white wing containment”. (aka dove hunt) enjoy." Apparently, I would have enjoyed it a LOT if I had been there too. But, El Grande Kahuna is happy to see that the party-goer in the picture is sportin' his one of a kind University of Texas Hawaiiabera. Aloha Mi Amigos and Hook 'Em.

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